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This is our chief people officer Sarah - her inspiring pioneer is Olympian Jessica Ennis-Hill.

We transform how our clients experience IT. We’re not an “off-the-shelf” solutions provider and take the time to understand our customers. From that foundation, we can build an IT service supported by human values that really works.


Our first step is always engagement. By meeting face-to-face with each business that reaches out to us, we can find out all about them – and they can find out about us. It’s a great way to gauge whether we’re going to make a good fit.


Once we’ve confirmed the chemistry is right, we carry out a needs analysis. This helps determine the client’s requirements, taking into account a wide range of factors including their business culture, strategic goals, and financial challenges.


With the client’s needs established, we map out a schedule for how we’re going to fulfil them. By setting milestones for what’s urgent, what’s coming up, and what’s longer term, it lays the foundations for a precise plan of action to achieve the client’s goals.


The fourth stage helps our clients become familiar with our processes and meet the wider team. It’s also here that we work out the finer details of their requirements; ensuring we’re set for project kick-off.


During the installation stage, it’s all hands on deck. With the project fully underway, our installation team works collaboratively with the client to deliver. If infrastructure is involved, our skilled project managers oversee implementation to achieve the best results.


Our client commitment is ongoing. It’s never a case of delivering what was agreed and then vanishing – we’re proud of the in-depth partnerships we’ve built and they’re something we continually invest in. From ad-hoc support through to weekly site visits, we continue to work strategically with our clients, helping craft their long-term vision to reach their goals.

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Customer Story: How Wedlake Bell, a leading law firm used technology to transform their business

“We decided to significantly change the way we approached technology. We wanted everybody to work much more flexibly than they had in the past”  Martin Arnold, Manager Partner at Wedlake Bell.   More about how Wedlake Bell are embracing collaborative technology to modernise the workplace to provide a new flexible and secure way of working.

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