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At Stridon, each of our service lines serve a much wider strategy – to change your technology capabilities from within.

Far from an off the shelf product

Each individual offering is just one piece of a bigger picture partnership, where we tailor technology to help you transform your business.

To achieve this we leverage our expertise in the following five areas:

Strategic Transformation

Strategic Transformation

Armed with an assessment and understanding of your current capabilities, together we will create a roadmap to take your technology from an operational business function to an agile ecosystem that unlocks value and innovation across your whole business. By enabling your internal efficiency and your capacity for both cultural connections and customer engagement, we will elevate your edge over the competition, while ensuring your business is better equipped to face the future.

As your strategic guide on this journey, we embed ourselves at the executive level to not only co-author the way forward with senior stakeholders but build our plan of action around your highest priorities. With your objectives front of mind, and a solid foundation steering all efforts, we provide your whole business with a technological north star to strive towards.

To make transformation tangible, we follow a three-phased approach:

Phase 1

Uncover the technology landscape

  • Discovery group and 1:1 sessions
  • In-depth stakeholder interviews
  • Risk assessment and analysis of technology lifecycles
  • Reviewing existing technology investment and allocation
  • Understanding operational structures and maturity

Phase 2

Deepen understanding

  • Deep-dive into core areas of interest
  • Technology team mind-mapping exercises
  • Cloud readiness assessment

Phase 3

Delivering the future

Build a strategic, prioritised plan of action. Consisting of:

  • Outcomes
  • Recommendations
  • 12-36 month visual roadmap
  • Budgetary guidance



We’ve been helping clients unlock innovative opportunities to connect with their colleagues and customers, well before COVID-19 disbanded normal office life. By leveraging Microsoft Teams as a gateway to collaboration, we open up additional efficiencies for working together in a robust and secure setting – even inside regulated industries.

Offering way more than glorified video conferencing, our understanding of both your wider business and the opportunities on offer helps us to transition you away from reactive lockdown resolutions, or chaotic collaboration attempts, towards a centralised system that unleashes the full value of virtual collaboration to the benefit of your business. So that you can enjoy a portfolio of applications that plug into your environment to further extend and enrich your capabilities.

By evaluating how to make better use of Microsoft products and setting a plan in place for the future, together we’ll empower the environment for innovation, helping you to not only improve project workflows, but meet the evolving digital and collaborative needs of both your team and customers.


Managed Technology

Managed Technology

Taking ownership of your technology, we manage and deliver all of your technology services. From internal infrastructure, to support desks and cybersecurity, by offloading your day-to-day operations to us, you can focus on more than just business as usual.

For companies with no internal IT capabilities, we become an extension of your team powering your entire technology from end-to-end. Or if you already have an experienced team in place, we will handle the heavy-lifting so you can free up your internal energy to focus on what you do best.

Offering a full technology management function, we can take care of absolutely everything or a specific service area:

Full technology management function. Technology lifecycle and strategy. Quarterly business reviews. Change management.

Managed infrastructure

  • Data centre architectures
  • Cloud architectures
  • Back-up and disaster recovery

Managed Cybersecurity

  • Networks and security systems
  • Data protection
  • Proactive threat identification and response
  • Vulnerability management
  • End-point protection

Managed Support

  • 24 x 7 support desk
  • Deskside and remote problem solving

Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity Strategy

While we might offer cybersecurity as part of our managed services, our stand-alone cybersecurity offering is far more strategic.

Starting off with a cyber assessment, we use the industry recognised CIS Controls framework to evaluate your cyber maturity and posture. This enables us to unearth potential gaps and threats, and identify the end goal we’re collectively working towards. Armed with insider detail relating to your current capabilities and ultimate ambitions, we will plot a strategic plan for the road ahead while building an array of cybersecurity solutions to help make our shared vision a reality. So that you can rest easy in the safe knowledge that your assets are fully protected for today, and your roadmap is resilient for tomorrow.

Cyber Security Strategy

Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud Services

Operating our own private cloud architecture, we provide an open platform that delivers innovative and creative solutions across cloud hosting, data resilience, business continuity, and hosted infrastructure. As an experienced Microsoft Partner, we will set up a seamless strategy to migrate your legacy infrastructure to a mature cloud ecosystem that reduces operational complexity.

Armed with both public and private cloud solutions, we leverage the best of both worlds to create a hybrid cloud strategy, designed around your unique needs and existing applications. Helping you to rid yourself of internal hosting that holds you back, all while increasing the speed and agility from which you can innovate.

Public Providers

  • Microsoft Modern Workplace and Azure

Private Architecture

  • Stridon Cloud
  • Client owned
  • Third-party vendors

Hybrid Strategy

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