Discover Confidence.

“For me, involvement with TEDxLondon is not just an opportunity for us to be able to showcase what we do, perhaps more importantly it is to provide support to an organisation that we have and continue to draw inspiration and the confidence to reach our goals.  In a world that seems to have become increasingly divisive and inwardly looking, the ideology and mission of TED is needed more than ever. We are proud to help TEDxLondon on its journey of expansion, as we embark on the next leg of ours.”

Matthew Stringer
Stridon CEO

Building Pioneers

For the past few decades technology has been the catalyst for significant industrial change and by all accounts, this Information Age is still in its prime. From IBM’s Watson, to the iPhone and now to mixed reality technologies we’re seeing a huge influx of technical products and services that are fundamentally reshaping how we engage with the world of work. The questions thrown up by this rapid rate of change can give us a feeling of great uncertainty, but here at Stridon we have confidence that technology is a tool to enable us to design better futures.

Our role as information technologists is to pioneer that smarter, technology-driven future and to foster confidence in our clients as they embark on the journey with us.

In celebration of TED’s ideas worth spreading ethos, we are sharing some talks and experiences that define our vision of confidence: what it means, how to build it, and what it feels like to experience it. Some of these videos are designed to be watched in a Google Cardboard headset which you might have been lucky enough to pick up at TEDxLondon – just look out for the ‘headset’ sign on the video.


The VR experiences are designed to be used with a Google Cardboard headset, but you can also watch the 360 videos on your desktop or mobile device.

If you managed to pick up a STRIDON branded headset at TEDxLondon (Google Cardboard v2 for those interested) then follow these simple instructions to set up your headset.

  1. Remove the headset from it’s protective sleeve
  2. Open the STRIDON panel of the headset by lifting the velcro tab on top
  3. Open the two smaller flaps, lift them up so that the hole overlays the velcro on the main body of the box – this is to build a comfortable viewing port
  4. Stick the side panels to the velcro tabs on the box body
  5. Rest your mobile phone with it’s screen against the viewport and back against the STRIDON panel
  6. Lift the STRIDON panel and close it, with your phone inside, using the velcro tab on top
  7. Enjoy!

Click here to view instructional diagram.

To watch the 360 and VR experiences:

  1. Download the YouTube app on your mobile phone
  2. Click one of the links below to watch the videos in VR mode
  3. If instructed in your mobile phone browser, select that you would like to view using the YouTube app
  4. When the video launches in the YouTube application, click the headset icon

The game that can give you 10 extra years of life

Chosen by Matthew Stringer

Jane’s talk inspires you to go out and take small steps that directly increase your well being. As an avid gamer, I can now say I am working on my health the next time my wife asks what I am doing!

Click here to watch in VR mode on your mobile device.

360 Video from the Summit of Mount Everest

Chosen by Matthew Stringer

Stunning views of Everest, still a place that only the most resilient and driven human beings will ever go.


Your body language shapes who you are

Chosen by David Battle

Your mind and body are one and the same, they should both project confidence in order for you to succeed.

Click here to watch in VR mode on your mobile device.

Valen’s Reef

Chosen by David Battle

If you don’t like what you are doing, change it for the better.

How to build your creative confidence

Chosen by Keren Slate

“David Kelley’s talk debunks the myth that creativity is a skill for the chosen few, we all just need to have a little more confidence in ourselves.”

Click here to watch in VR mode on your mobile device.

Swimming with Hammerhead Sharks

Chosen by Keren Slate

“I really like the sense of freedom in this video. Taking the perspective of a diver swimming with sharks, it becomes a lot easier to realise that you can adapt to new situations. The whole experience provides me with a sense of unexpected confidence in myself.”

Build don’t break relationships with communication – connect the dots

Chosen by Oliver Allen-Gausden

Amy Scott explains four very simple ways of breaking down personalities. In my opinion, once you understand someone and how they process instructions and questions, you have a far better chance of being able to communicate in a way that means you can both reap the rewards.”

Click here to watch in VR mode on your mobile device.

NASA VR/360 Astronaut Training: Space Walk

Chosen by Robin Spooner

“This is a fascinating watch: see how they use a swimming pool to train astronauts to be ready for space missions.”

The skill of self confidence

Chosen by Ricky Ford

“From the start, this talk stood out for me. I agree with all things said in the sense that self confidence and ability comes from people working hard, rather than from an innate skill. His talk reminds us that we can all accomplish anything we set our minds to.”

How to speak so that people want to listen

Chosen by Robin Spooner

An interesting video on how to make speech more powerful!”

Dare to disagree

Chosen by Nick King

“A great talk on having the confidence to put forward ideas when you feel as though you might be ignored or shouted down.”

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